Welcome to ERCI... an "Institute Under the Stars"

 ERCI is dedicated to service for individuals, communities and the environment by providing education, experience  and exposure.


Our Mission

Ebenezer Retreat & Camp Institute (ERCI) is dedicated to service for individuals, communities and the environment. We believe that education and experience are essential elements for creating wellness. It is our belief that through educating the individual, sound communities are formed and healthy environments will be obtained. As we move forward in a society where “fast paced” does not appear to be fast enough and technology and television tend to dictate the realities of many, more than ever we must revisit the benefits that nature brings. We realize the importance of nature preservation, and the impact of the environment on health and well-being.  ERCI promotes innovative ecological learning types; the implementation of educational services, and experiential learning opportunities that nurture, preserve, and sustain harmony within the various elements of “environment”

 Why We Do

Nature and Human life are creations of a Divine and Loving Creator. We are committed to the proposition that “we are all created in the image of GOD”. It is our purpose to bridge the gaps between Nature and Humanity through education and health initiatives. We must plant the seeds of consciousness that will stimulate the desire to connect mind and body with spirit. When humanity realizes its' wholeness in truth, the thought process of oneness with all of creation begins. Humanity cannot live without Nature. It is our service to establish harmony for the preservation of our Nature and Natural resources.


 "An Institute Under the Stars" 

ERCI is a comprehensive “ Holistic Educational” concept. We are an “Institute Under the Stars”. Our classrooms are located within and around 64-acres of natural-grounds and facilities. Our Institute provides unlimited educational and life skill services to cultivate the “Mind, Body, and Spirit of children, youth, adults and seniors.

We offer Educational and Enhancement Services year around, as well as, extend our grounds and facilities to families, groups, and organizations for catered meetings, reunions, retreats and workshops.

ERCI targets under-served and poor individuals and families in Central Indiana, Urban and Rural communities and interested community organizations. We have established several and continue building various relationships within Putnam County and surrounding areas. In addition, we reach out nationwide to those organizations interested in the preservation in and of Nature.


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